Staff Directory


E-Color Name Email Role Administration
Brace, Tara Math Teacher Archway Academy
Baptiste, Marie The Center for Success
Briggs, Danielle Teacher Unity School
Ceppi,Shawn Science Archway Academy
eperson_yellowblue Childress, Sabryna Unity School
Claunch, David Teacher The Phoenix School
Coles, Nancy Teacher The Phoenix School
Combs, Barbara Special Education Teacher The Phoenix School
Countee, Clarissa Coordinator of Administrative Services The Phoenix School
Eugene, Renaia Lab Instructor The Phoenix School
Felder, Tosha Enrollment of Records The Phoenix School
Fuentes, Danny Social Studies Boys & Girls Harbor
Hamilton, Charmaine Special Education Teacher The Phoenix School
Jones, Terral Math Unity School
Kennedy, Marian Assistant Principal The Phoenix School
Kuat, Quang Math & Science Boys & Girls Harbor
Li, Lillain Math Archway Academy
Lovall, Bernice Instructional Aide The Phoenix School
eperson_blueyellow McGee Nakishee English Center for Success
Miller, Chris English Archway Academy
Montoya, Betty Social Studies The Center for Success
Parsons, Roland Physical Education Archway Academy, Center for Success & BGH
Preston, David Lab Instructor Unity School
Reed, Millanee Science ELA BGH
Sanborn, Lloyd Social Studies Archway Academy
Sanders-Woods, Tonya Principal The Phoenix School
Simon, Brandy Teacher Archway Academy
Sloan, Valencia Social Studies Unity School
Swanson, Kim Math Center for Success
Telcey, Feline Teacher Unity School
Thomas, Tyneisha Science Unity School
Vito, Willie English Archway Academy
Washington, Adrian Lab Instructor Center for Success
Willis, Cornelia Academic Counselor The Phoenix School