Three Oaks Academy


Three Oaks Academy is a small, private high school for students in recovery from chemical dependency.  At Three Oaks, teenagers have the unique opportunity to simultaneously fortify their personal recovery while attaining a fully-accredited high school diploma. Every day, students are provided the ideal conditions to foster a holistic recovery from the ravages of addiction – towards a life of personal, social, and academic success.

At Three Oaks Academy, we share a steadfast commitment to provide a first-rate education for all of our students. Students who arrive at Three Oaks frequently test above their grade level in reading and math proficiency, but were disengaged from their home schools; as their disease distorted their priorities, many of our students fell behind academically. At Three Oaks, students are given the opportunity not only to catch up, but to vault ahead towards their true potential. Our relatively small student population ensures an optimal teacher/ student ratio; each student’s needs and learning style is accommodated for, and in certain classes, students are able to work at a pace of their choosing (under the guidance of a Three Oaks faculty member). A healthy recovery requires earned self-esteem, which academic success provides.

For more information contact Parker Cragg, Director